Artist bio

Frana was born in the United States to Greek-American parents, where she studied humanities with emphasis in ancient Greek art and she was initiated in all the avant-garde artistic movements. She also studied history of modern painting and art sociology in Paris.

She teaches history and sociology of art. She has traveled–and still travels–in Europe. She has loved Greece, its art, and its nature. Her abstract paintings reflect the beauty and freedom of thought and fantasy. She has attended conjectural events and art conferences, where she made acquaintances and friendships, especially in Greece. She met Dr. Spyros Vrettos at a scholarly conference in Stamos, Lefkada and she created the front cover of his novel, The Agony of Survival. Her most recent painting titled “Bosom of the Land of Lefkada” is on the front cover of the book A Scholastic Survey and Instructive History (Grigori Publications, 2011,) edited by Dr. Vivi Kopsida. Some of Frana’s paintings have appeared on posters and cultural events that were organized by Vivi and Anna Kopsida, educational advisers.

Frana believes that art is neither eccentric nor distorted nor scandalous. Art always submits to beauty and its transformations. It is this idea of the transformation in beauty that urges her to paint and that she captures in her paintings. A collection of her works is hosted at the hotel Ionian Blue in Lefkada. The collection is supported by the hotel’s owner, Vital Gatenios, and his father, Minos Gatenios.