Author bio

Dr. Spyros Vrettos

Dr. Spyros Vrettos was born in Lefkada, Greece, where he finished elementary and high school.  He graduated from the School of Philosophy of Athens University.  In 1987, he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the School of Philosophy of the University of Jannina.

He has published the novels: Respite and Expiation  (Kastaniotis Press, 1978); The Agony of Survival–Study of Death (Logothetis Press, 1994); Obscure Fate (Gavriilidis Press, 2001);   The Agony of Survival, 2nd ed. (Grigori Press, 2007); Incredible Machine (Grigori Press, 2009). The critics think that his novels are original and highly artistic, and that they introduce a new perspective in novel-writing.

Dr. Vrettos has also published the essay  Humanism (dialectics of philosophy and sciences, 1974);  Themes of  Modern Issues for Composition  (Kastaniotis Press,  1st ed. 1983–8th ed. 1990);  and the study  Popular Poets of  Lefkada (1900-1985), as a Social Phenomenon (Kastaniotis Press,  1991). His scholarly studies have been published in scholarly magazines, year books, and convention reports.

He lives and works in Lefkada.